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Green Tara ~ Cloth Print

 This clearly detailed 15" X 20 1/2" print on high quality cotton depicts Green Tara, the active and energetic aspect of compassion. She is the national goddess of Tibet. Revered as the miraculous saviouress who rescues all beings from suffereing, she is propitiated in order to overcome obstacles. Green Tara is honored as the Mother of the Buddhas of all three times, -- the Bodhisattva who represents the miraculous activity of all the Buddhas of the past, present, and future.

May 2020: After about 30 years of printing this design, the old silk screen finally wore out.  I spent several days during the corona virus lockdown refurbishing my original drawing, slightly increased the size and had a high resolution silk screen made. I decided to make the new prints solid green on white, rather than using the "split fountain" technique with yellow we used to make.  Some of the split fountain prints were dramatic, but the technique was just too inconsistant.  We were getting too many misprints. This new Green Tara is consistently beautiful!

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Single Print ~ 100% cotton fabric
(green on white)
15" x 20.5"
Item# D-8
$16.00  Qty

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