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Tripa Tea

Tripa Tea contains carefully selected pure natural herbs traditionally known for their soothing qualities. These medicinal and flavorful herbs have been blended according to the Tibetan tradition, age old practices that help bring harmony to our body. The formula assists in balancing excesses resulting from overindulgence in fatty, sour or salty foods. It balances the inner and outer body energies, maintaining inner coolness and digestive balance.

Direction: It is a refreshing beverage in the afternoon or on a hot day. However, it can be taken at anytime when the above sign and symptoms appear. Pour a cup of hot boiled water onto the teabag. Infuse for few minutes until the desired rich colour and aroma are attained. Relish it unsweetened or add a little sugar.

INGREDIENTS: Rubus hoffmeiteriannus, Symplocos paniculata, Cuminum cyminum(Caraway), Camellia theifera(Tea leaves), Rosa bronunii(Wild rose), Carthamus tinctorius(Safflower), Mentha sylvestris(Mint), Glyrrhiza glabra(Liquorice).

Net Contents: 20 Tea Bags (40 grams)

20 Tea Bags
Item# MTK-205
$8.50  Qty

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