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Herbal Everyday Tea

This herbal tea contains carefully selected pure natural herbs which Tibetans have long respected for their beneficial qualities: red currant balances the body energies and promotes inner harmony, wild rose promotes relaxation, wild saffron promotes the health of the skin, relaxation and appetite and, together with ginger, helps to prevent cold and flu, aids digestion. It can be taken as a delicious thirst quenching drink.

Direction: This can be used by everyone at any time irrespective of age. Pour hot water onto the teabag. Infuse for few minutes till you get desired rich colour & aroma. Relish it purely or with sugar or salt.

INGREDIENTS: Rubus hoffmeiteriannus, Symplocos paniculata, Carthamus tinctorius(Wild saffron), Elettaria cardamomum(Cardamom), Zingiber officinalis(Ginger), Rosa bronunii(Wild rose).

20 Tea Bags
Item# MTK-207
$8.50  Qty

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