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Anti-Diabetes Tea ~ Za-Ku-Chee-Nyii

Za-Khu Chee-Nyii Tea can help manage a diabetic condition by regulating and balancing the body’s blood sugar levels. It is a pure herbal product made according to the Tibetan Science of Healing. It helps control symptoms associated with excessive blood sugar, cloudy urine, dry mouth, imbalanced body fluids, fluctuating body temperature, and sensitivity of the soles and palms. Besides balancing blood glucose levels, it promotes digestion and appetite. It helps to induce sound sleep and reduces uncomfortable breathing and frequent urination.

Direction: It is best to take this tea in the morning, but incase the above signs and symptoms appear, it can be taken at any time. One tea bag can be used for a whole teapot. Pour the hot water onto it and enjoy the tea until all the flavors are used up. Use in conjunction with a sensible diet, lifestyle, and exercise plan.

INGREDIENTS: Camelia thea (tea leaves), Xanthium indicum, Acacia catechu (Indian acacia), Berberis aristata (Berberry), Emblica officinalis (Gooseberry/Amla), Curcuma longum (Turmeric).

Net Contents: 20 Tea Bags (40 grams)

20 Tea Bags
Item# MTK-220
$8.50  Qty

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