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1-06 1000 Arm Lokeshvara

The Bodihisattva of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara (Tib. Chenrezigs) is shown in his most powerful royal form, with eleven heads, one thousand arms, and an eye in the center of each of the thousand hands.  The thousand arms extend his helping hands toward all beings.  Each hand has an eye to see their sufferings in innumerable worlds.  Ten of his faces indicate his attainment of the ten Bodhisattva stages , with the eleventh, the face of Amitabha indicates his being the incarnation of the universal compassion of all Buddhas.  Amitabha, the Primordial Buddha of Boundless Light, sits above his head. There is a small figure of Amitabha at the top center of the painting.

This thangka is painted in a modern style with a rose and gray palette.  The shading produces a 3-dimensional effect in the faces, body and lotuses.

Canvas Size: 13"x 17"    Brocade Size:  19"x 34"
(see paragraph 4 of the thangka catagory page for information on brocade borders)

Item# T-106
$350.00  Qty

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