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33-08 Green Tara (Newari)

The Newa are the indigenous people of Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley. Newars are a linguistic community with Tibeto-Burman ethnicity/race and faith, bound together by a common languageThey practice both Hinduism and Buddhism and much of their iconography reflects a combination of the two religions.  Like their Tibetan counterparts, now days a Newari painting is usually called a thangka but, technically speaking, it should be referred to as a “paubha.”  As Tibetan  thangkas traditionally represent solely Buddhist deities, Newari paubhas represent images of Buddhist and Hindu gods and goddess like Shiva Parvati, Ganesh, Swarswati and show more Hindu of the Mughal and Rajput influences of India .

Whereas Tibetan thangkas usually place the deity in a heavenly landscape, the Newari paubha places the deity in a border of stylized and sometime ornate decorative foliage and architectural elements.  There are only a very small number (perhaps five) acknowledged, legitimate paubha painters left in Nepal today.

Tara is the manifestation of the compassion of all the Buddhas of the three times. She is also the goddess who carries out and accomplishes the enlightened activities of the Buddhas. This painting of Green Tara is vibrant with color, detail and gold ink.  Tara is painted in a brilliant emerald green.  Her heavenly palace is topped with three stupas representing the main aspects of Buddha Mind: Compassion, Wisdom and Power. At the top of her throne is a Kirtimukha (fame and glory) subdueing a snake (ignorance). Mukaras, sea-serpants representing power, flank her halo. Snow Lions, Blue Rams and Elephants can also be found in the throne's decoration.

The black in the background sets off the central display and the gold highlights add bright detail to the composition.

Canvas Size:16"x19"   Brocade Size:  25"x40" 

(see paragraph 4 of the thangka catagory page for information on brocade borders)


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