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Vaisravana 5-08

Vaisravana (other spellings- Vaishravana, Vaisramana).  Also known as Kubera, he is the Great Dharma Protector, God of Wealth and Guardian King of the North.  He sits astride a Snow Lion holding a Victory Banner and jewel-spouting mongoose. I believe the Bodhisattvas at the bottom are Manjushri (wisdom) and Vajrapani (power). The Buddha at the top is Amitabha (Buddha of Infinite Light - symbolizing compassion).

This thankga is in a modern style, using muted colors and some 3D shading.

Canvas Size: 15"x 22"   Brocade Size: 26"x 44"

(see paragraph 4 of the thangka catagory page for information on brocade borders)

Item# T508
$500.00  Qty

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