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Cakrasamvara,(Tibetan: Korlo Demchog)  is one of the principal yidams or meditational deities of tantric Buddhism. This large dynamic painting is in the Nepali Newari style. Whereas Tibetan thangkas usually place the deity in a heavenly landscape, the Newari “paubha” places the deity in a border of stylized and ornate decorative foliage and architectural elements. This painting has a beautifully ornate border with dozens of little Buddha figures doing interesting things.  The header border has 13 figures of Vajrayogini, Chakrasamvara and the five Buddha families. The footer has 8 depictions of Chakrasamvara.  The central panel has a wrathful painting of Chakrasamvara wearing an elephant skin, embracing his consort, Vajravarahi.  They are surrounded by 14 smaller figures in a dynamic fire motif with lots and lots of shiny gold paint.  Wow!  It's not possible to see the incredible detail in this small image.  If you're really interested in purchasing this painting (or any of our paintings) and want to see a detail contact us (radiantheart@prayerflags.com) and we'll send you larger detail images.

The Cakrasamvara sadhana is considered to be of the mother class of the Anuttara Yoga Tantra.  Cakrasamvara is typically depicted with a blue-coloured body, four faces, and twelve arms, and embracing his consort Vajravarahi in the yab-yum position. Cakrasamvara and consort are not to be thought of as two different entities, as an ordinary husband and wife are two different people; in reality, their divine embrace is a metaphor for the union of great bliss and emptiness, which are one and the same essence.

Canvas Size:  18"x 24"     Brocade Size:  30"x 51"
(see paragraph 4 of the thangka catagory page for information on brocade borders)


Item# T12-08
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