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Amitabha T21-08

Amitabha, Buddha of Boundless Light, dwells in the paradise known as the Western Pure Land. He represents the Wisdom of Discriminating Awareness, the deep awareness within each individual that allows recognition - the ability to distinguish one thing from another. He is the Buddha of Great Bliss and works for the enlightenment of all beings through his main emmination, Avalokiteshvara.  One can enter his Western Pure Land by visualizing Amitabha above one's head at the moment of death, chanting his name, and exiting the body through the crown of the head.  Thangkhas of Amitabha are traditionally displayed near a dying person or dedicated to a person who has recently passed. 

This large traditional thangka depicts Amitabha sitting in his palace in the Dewa Chen (Land of Great Bliss).  The two Bodhisattvas below him are Avalokiteshvara (white, embodiment of Compassion) and Manasthamaprapta (blue, representing power).

Canvas Size: 19" x 25" 
Brocade Size: 31"x 52"

Item# T21-08
$600.00  Qty

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