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36-08 365 Buddhas

This thangka shows Shakyamuni Buddha in the center surrounded by 365 smaller Shakyamunis in identical posture. He is seated with the legs folded over each other In the "adamantine posture" (vajrāsana), with the legs crossed so that the soles of both feet are turned up.  His right hand is in "Earth Touching" mudra, calling the earth to witness his complete enlightenment.  His left hand holds a begging bowl, the gestures thus symbolizing the Buddha's renunciation of worldly desire. The center Buddha is flanked by the two Bodhisattvas, Shariputra and Avalokiteshvara.  The detail is good for such tiny figures.  All the Buddhas have gold halos - which stand out well against the red background.  If you are really interested in this thangka I can email a few higher resolution details - it's difficult to see the little Buddhas in this small image. 

Image Size: 23"x 28" (brocade)
                    13"x17" (painting size)

Item# T-3608
$450.00  Qty

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