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The 100 Peaceful & Wrathful Deities

These two, hard-to-find, thangkas, depicting the 100 Peaceful and Wrathful Deities (Sithro Thangkas), are no longer available, but we can commission them.   One thangka shows the 42 Peaceful Deities and the  other shows the 58 Wrathful Deities.  They are identical in size, with matching brocade frames. They take nearly a year to complete the set. 

"The Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities" originated from the Guhyagarbha Tantra, the main tantra of the Mahayoga class.  Most Tibetan Buddhists are familiar with the teachings through the The Tibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol).

Bardo, the intermediate state between death and rebirth generally lasts "seven times seven days" or 49 days. At every stage, there is a gradual emergence of a special mandala, emitting a variety of different dazzling glare of light and loud thundering roar. As long as the one passing through the bardo state can recognize these different deities as the reflections of one’s own basic nature, covering all six realms, he or she can be liberated.

Forty-two Peaceful Deities
           1)   Samantabadra
           2)    Samantabadri
        3-7)    The Five Male Buddhas of the Five Families
      8-12)   The Five Female Buddhas of the Five Families
    13-20)  The Eight Male Bodhisattvas
    21-28)  The Eight Female Bodhisattvas
    29-34)  The Six Munis
    35-38)  The Four Male Gate Keepers
    39-42)  The Four Female Gate Keepers 

Fifty-eight Wrathful Deities
      1-10)  The Five Wrathful Herukas and their Five Consorts
   11-18)  The Eight Wrathful Females
   19-26)  The Eight Tramen
   27-30)   The Four Female Gatekeepers
   31-58)   The Twenty-eight Ishvaris
   59-60)   Chemchok Heruka and his Consort

Size:  Each thangka is 29" wide x 51 " tall, with the brocade
          The canvas size on each is 18.5" x 27"

Higher resolution detail images are available on request.



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