Gyaltsan Semo ~ Victory over Obstacles

The text on this flag has the complete set of Victory Banner mantras. There are mantras for Padmasambhava, and Tara - ending with 12 year symbols (a complete cycle) to make the Victorious energy continuous. In the center flys the Wind Horse of good fortune with the corners protected by the uplifting energy of the Four Dignities. This print appears on the yellow flags.

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Gyaltsan Semo - 6 Print Vertical
(black on yellow)
1'-8" x 9'-0"
Item# 6YC
$36.00  Qty

Gyaltsan Semo - 4 Print Vertical
(black on yellow)
1'-6" x 6'-0"
Item# 4YC
$30.00  Qty

Gyaltsan Semo - 2 Print Vertical
(black on yellow)
1'-6" x 3'-4"
Item# 2YC
$22.00  Qty

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