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Tibetan National Flag

These Tibetan National Flags are printed on white polyester. The image is fully visible from both sides of the flag. The colors are brilliant and the images are clear. There is a sleeve down one side of the flag for mounting on a pole. The Tibetan National Flag was introduced in 1912 by the 13th Dalai Lama. He took elements from the military flags of the various Tibetan provinces and combined them into one design. It served as the flag of the government of Tibet at Lhasa until 1950. It remains the emblem of the government of Tibet in exile headquartered in Dharamsala, India. As a symbol of the Tibetan independence movement, it is banned in present day, Chinese occupied Tibet. All the elements of the flag of the Tibetan nation have deep symbolic significance: The glorious snow mountain in the center symbolises the land of the great nation of Tibet. Across the dark blue sky the six emminating red rays of light symbolize the original tribes of ancient Tibet (Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru and Ra). The alternating red, representing the people, and the blue of the sky represent the unrelenting virtuious deeds of the dark blue and red guardian protectors of Tibetan Buddha Dharma. At the tip of the snow mountain, the sun’s brilliant rays shine in all directions, representing the impartial enjoyment of freedom, prosperity and happiness by all beings in the land of Tibet. On the slopes of the mountain a pair of snow lions with turquoise manes represent fearless victory; the accomplishment of a unified spiritual and secular life. The snow lions hold above them the flaming triple gem, representing the Tibetan people’s reverence toward the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. The surrounding yellow border represents the the purified gold- like teachings of the Buddha which spread and flourish in all directions and in all times.

59 x 46"
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40 x 26"
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