Prayer for Averting Nuclear War -  30' long

Prayer for Averting Nuclear War - 30' long

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The Prayer for Averting Nuclear War is printed on cotton cloth and sewn onto rope in horizontal display.  Each flag is 14" x 18" so the set of 25 flags is about 30 ft. long. These sets of prayer flags on rope have the prayer alternating in Tibetan and English. The blue, red and yellow flags are in Tibetan and the white and green ones have the English translation.

The threat of nuclear war is one of the greatest threats to our existence. Many Tibetan Lamas have commented on this. The Dzogchen Master, H.H. Chatral Sangay Dorje (1913-2015), a most accomplished Tibetan Buddhist Yogi, wrote this special prayer to avert nuclear war.  Chatral Rinpoche's spiritual consort, Sangyum Kamala, asked us to make these flags available. They need to be flown in great numbers all around the world.

Prayer to Avert Nuclear War - English Translation